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Our Services
ASHARQ Research Company Ltd. is full service Research Company involved in both Qualitative and Quantitative research. We have one of the largest interviewing forces in Iraq with 18 stations; we have acquired a wide range of experience in almost any research.
ASHARQ Research Company Ltd. strives to provide clients better knowledge of the way people are thinking in Iraq and also a better knowledge of Iraqi markets and the customers they sell to. Productive research yields information for decisions that make your business more & increase sales.
Quantitative Research
• Opinion polls
We conduct opinion polls and we use face to face interview method.
We conduct Census projects in Iraq in all the fields like commercial, industrial, agriculture and other fields.
Media Monitoring & Exposure Study
We conduct media monitoring and study of exposure to measure watching ratio of audience to the mass media such as TV, Internet using, Radio stations and newspapers.
Monitoring & Evaluation
We have a field team specialized for monitoring and Evaluation.
This field team specialists in various fields to monitor the various types of activities and achievements such as Construction, Industrial projects, Development projects, Funding, foods and aids.
We conduct monitoring & evaluation under standards plan, depended on the proposed to our client or according to specific request.
Qualitative Research
  • Focus groups
  • in-depth interviews
  • Recruiting
Research solutions:
  • Advertising Research
  • Audience Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Brand Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Segmentation Research
ASHARQ Omnibus:
  • 1,000 households quarterly
  • National urban and rural coverage
  • Allowing you to reach a large representative sample of your consumers at shared cost

  ASHARQ Training Center
    • Interviews method
    • Writing reports
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Supervision method
    • Quality control method
    • Data entry processing

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