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ASHARQ Research Company Ltd  also provides marketing researches to grow your company.  We help our clients cultivate new and existing customer relationships, improve differentiation and competitive advantage, evaluate product / service offerings and refine marketing strategy. Our goal is to give our client a mirror to what the real facts are on Iraq and to show how marketing research information empowers the Iraqi business.

ASHARQ Research Company Ltd that allows clients of research information about Iraq to learn more about the social, cultural and political, media and consumption changes Iraq is witnessing.
Iraq, the cradle of civilization, is undergoing now a structural socio-demographic, economic, political, religious and consumption change.

The state of war and internal conflicts makes Iraq one of the most demanding and challenging public polling, consumer media research environments in the world.


These conflicts overshadow the fact that market research in Iraq is gathering momentum at a fast pace, with ASHARQ Research Company Ltd emerging as the leading research center in Iraq. Established in December 1993,ASHARQ Research Company Ltd is now full-fledged research center in both quantitative and qualitative research.

For the increasing demand for large scale nationwide surveys has prompted ASHARQ Research Company Ltd to build the widest research field operations infrastructure in Iraq.

With its headquarters based in Baghdad, ASHARQ Research Company Ltd has field teams in of the 18 Iraqi governments and regional offices that manage operations in five regions.

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