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ASHARQ Research Company Ltd is a leading research company based in Baghdad – Iraq and is designed to conduct interviews with different classes of businessmen and audience.

The company was founded in 2007 and since then it has already conducted more than one million interviews throughout Iraq including 18 Iraqi Governorates.

ASHARQ Research Company Ltd is composed of a basic team of professionals officiating statistical, analytical, technical positions administered and managed by competent experts in the field using cutting-edge technology. This is on the part of the head office. A substantial taskforce of interviewers amounting to 700 persons are deployed all over the Iraqi provinces in addition to 36 operators to secure full coverage of the topics vested in them. The experiences gained by the captioned skillful team members feature highly qualitative and quantitative interviewing, supervising, monitoring and evaluating methodology.

To maximize attainment of adequate and accurate conclusions, we carry into effect sustainable training courses to our field team on the various and latest methods of interviewing and how to keep on good terms with the interviewees.  

ESOMAR Research


GHOFRA - Arab German Chamber of Commerce & Industry e.V.

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