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How we work?

Our approach is straightforward, we discuss your needs to identify the type of the research you need to conduct or we can help you with our tools to conduct a type of a research you have identified previously.

Our services range from small surveys and focus groups to a survey that covers all over Iraq.

Survey Project:-

  1. Define the project goals.
    We start by understanding the purpose
    of your survey project. What kind of information are you looking for? Which are the best methods for obtaining that information? What are the timeline and budget requirements?

  2. Design the questionnaire.
    Publish the survey in web, mail, interviewer, and/or other appropriate format. Pretest and make adjustments
    as necessary. 

  1. Administer the survey with response generation strategy.

  2. Analyze the survey data.
    The data is thoroughly examined using multiple statistical techniques. We translate the raw data into specific recommendations and insights.

  3. Communicate the results.
    The Report Book is distributed in electronic and hard-copy format.
    Our analysts can present the results in person.

Based on what you want to accomplish and how you need support, we will package our services to meet your specific needs.

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